Nobody is superior/inferior

In my 20s, my (future) husband and I were talking to one of his colleagues and his new girlfriend who had just passed her bar – so a new “lawyer”. When she mentioned that a renowned artist wasn’t “smart”, I stopped paying much attention to what she was saying. The thing is that I totally disagree with her. I know I should have told her then but I was just astounded.

My opinion is that it is not because a person didn’t have the opportunity or the chance to go to university that he/she is not “smart”! Certainly, education is very important, I do not say otherwise, far from it. But to declare that education = intelligence!? I’m not okay with that!!!!

School, for me, was easy. I was always a straight A student. My brother was given IQ tests because he was too smart (still is). When it was suggested that he jumps two grades, my mother agreed, but after some time, she changed her mind because my brother was unhappy. We had just arrived in this village – we knew nobody yet. Can you imagine finishing your fourth grade and instead of going to the fifth, you’re jumping straight to seventh grade?? He got bullied just because of that. That is one of the reasons why my mother, when they suggested that I move from third to fifth grade, said it was out of the question.

Today I meet people with jobs in position of authority (e.g. doctors, lawyers, etc.) who have such a swollen head that it makes me angry to see how they treat others as if they were idiots, less than nothing, stupid, ignorant, etc.

Nevertheless, there are some people who have real intelligence, compassion and treat others with respect and do not try to diminish anyone. These are people I admire deeply.

With this, my husband and I try our best to let our kids know that no one, I mean no one, is better than anybody else: Nobody is superior/inferior!

(Image: Pixabay)