Don’t give up your passion

Why am I bothering?

500px, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter… I posted my photos on these platforms and then removed everything. I noticed that people were using my photos as if they were theirs.

Last year and the one before, I took thousands of flower photos but not this summer. I figured that I still had plenty of images to edit AND in the beginning we had to stay confined at home mostly anyways. And I won’t lie, I figured that hey, why am I bothering – I have no credit for what I do anyways?! So I just gave up… for the time being.

In control

I then created my photo website and recently this wordpress. At least, my photos are not “spilled” all over the place as before. I feel as I am a bit more in control. If people like what i do, at least I have a bit of feedback and that’s good for me!

Don’t give up

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation. My word: don’t give up your passion! Period. 

(Composite image: My own image with Pixabay image “on top”)