My life’s biggest mystery

The medium

My life’s biggest mystery was when my then fiancé and I had just split up (been with him for 7 years). I was lost…

Then a friend suggested this medium. I had to send a pre-addressed, stamped envelope with my question and 10$. Being young, naive and a bit curious, I did just that and I wrote something like: “What’s my future going to be?”

The answer

After a short while, I received an answer saying that I was to meet a big, tall redhead guy with blue eyes AND that we were going to have TWINS!!! Then and there, I just tore the letter and threw it in the garbage. Me? Have twins? Yeah right! Besides, there’s none in my family.

The mystery

Well!!! Believe me or not, sometime later I met that big, tall redhead guy with blue eyes, we got married… and we had twins! 😳😳😳

(Image: Pixabay)