Transition to gray hair


I was tired of covering my roots every 1.5 to 2 weeks!!! My scalp was always itchy for a few days AND it was obvious that didn’t want to look my real age (in my fifties). Besides, I had too much white hair so it was hard to hide AND I didn’t like the golden brown look on me. My natural hair color was dark brown. So October 2016 was when I started the transition to my (new) natural colour – gray OR gray. I decided to stop colouring my hair and it took me about two years before I was “presentable”.

Use root concealing products

Notice my (white) hair roots on the 3rd photo. On the following photo, I applied a spray concealer to hide it. This product (amongst others) saved my life – I applied it for a long time when I couldn’t “hide” with a tuque, hat, scarf or else. When the regrowth was long enough, I had them cut off and from there I let my hair grow – see the last photo of me lately (green t-shirt). I took that selfie on my outdoor swing while talking to my mom who lives a couple hundred miles from where I live.

I used this spray from Zotos Professional

Covid time

If you’re in confinement, why not start the transition during this time? If I had known that it was coming, maybe I would have waited instead. But I’m happy with how it worked out for me.

I feel free

I am very proud to have persevered even if it was difficult. I feel so free, you have no idea!

And yes, you guessed it – these are my 3 handsome boys on the little photo (down on the left) a few years ago! And no, they’re not scared of my new hair! 😉


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