I run to live better

This f-pandemic changes your habits, I’m telling you! For my part, in April I started an activity to clear my mind and also to improve my health: running.

Now I’m running every other day on a treadmill. I started with the Couch to 5K app and seriously, I found it difficult. But I persevered: I ran a minute, walked a minute and so on for a little while. I’d say I’ve been running 5K now since June. Oh! I’m not running fast! Really! But I’m running, that’s what matters. Ya know, at my age 🙄, I can no longer do what I did in my twenties/thirties, I get it! 

Now, when I go on the treadmill, my family knows it’s my ME time. And the best part is that now I enjoy my morning runs. Who would have thought?! Speaking of thoughts, I now have only positive ones — and I find that’s all good!!!

(Image: Pixabay)


  1. Awesome! Keep it up. I started running from 0 to 5 Km in my thirties in the same way. I stopped @ 60 for various reasons but still kept exercising. During lockdown I turned to YouTube and found Walk at Home – a half hour aerobic session which is very good.

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  2. covid-time change my life, I also live more active now then I used to be before,
    the best part in my life is, to take a lesson from live and do seriously and deep homework, not to impressed other, but to have better life for myself 🙂

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