Leaking while running

After having twins

After having twins, I developed stress urinary incontinence (SUI). It’s the inability to control the urge to urinate in certain circumstances – like excessive repeated pressure on the bladder when running.

I tried everything: Kegels, pessary, exercise, etc. and the only thing left for me to do would be to have surgery. But it’s absolutely out of the question: I had D&C twice and devastating Lasik surgeries/touch-ups. Lasik didn’t work out as planned soooo I want to avoid surgeries if not absolutely necessary.

Morning coffee

I read on the subject and came to the conclusion that in my case, if I want to keep running “DRY”, I must do so in the morning before breakfast, after I went to the bathroom and especially no coffee before I run either. I take a few sips of water just before my run and honestly, that works for me. My coffee, I’ll take it now AFTER my run.

Also, if I really don’t have a choice and want to run later in the day, no sparkling water (or soft drink) either because tends to stimulate the bladder.

Biggest goal

There. This is my solution for dealing with my SUI. It helps me stay dry and who knows? I presently run on the treadmill (mostly for convenience) but maybe the day will come that I will ALWAYS be dry so I can run OUTSIDE!!! It’s one of my biggest goals!!!

Image: My own